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Hookah Water Pipes

8" Hookah Pipe

Mini tobacco water pipe

$35.00 each

Three piece hookah.
Glass base, metal head and stem.

17" Junior Narghile

Junior hooka

$80.00 each

This beautiful, hand-crafted hookah offers exquisite Egyptian design and stands at a comfortable 17inches tall.

31" Flower Hooka pipe

Flower Argila Shisha

$94.00 each

Polished stainless steel shaft comes with an amazing two colored glass base.
It includes a cobra hose.

31" Syrian Blue Nargila

Shisha smoking tobacco water pipes

$140.00 each

The stainless steal shaft and hand-blown glass base are both ruggedly designed.

31" Rotating Hookah

Hooka wasserpfeife

$125.00 each

Premium rotating hookah that stands 31 inches tall.
Rotating base provides a convenient way to share smoke among your friends.

32" Purple Passion

Purple hookah pipe

$94.00 each

This beautiful one of a kind hookah stands 32 inches tall with an Egyptian design and a 3 part decorated metal shaft.
Stunning purple glass base and a cobra hose.

Notice: All pipes sold on this website are intended for legal herbal smoke, or tobacco use.
You must be 18 to purchase, and therefore can ONLY purchase smoking devices online, with a credit card (no mail orders for pipes).
We only ship pipes to USA customers. We do not ship to IOWA, PENNSYLVANIA or ILLINOIS.